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SRE or non-scripture

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address 70 Ian Street, Eleebana NSW 2282

telephone 02 4946 8927 02 4946 8927

website https://eleebana-p.schools.nsw.gov.au/

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Eleebana Public School currently provides access to non-denominational Special Religious Education (SRE) or non-scripture, 30 minutes per week for each class approximately twenty weeks per year, dependent on SRE Teacher availability. At this time, Eleebana PS is unable to offer Special Education in Ethics (SEE) - due to unavailability of ethics teachers. 


Parents/carers can submit their preference in their online enrolment application. After the initial enrolment, notification of changes to a child's enrolment in SRE/SEE should be given to the School Office, in writing. Students can ONLY attend Scripture or Non-Scripture – not both, as they run concurrently. SRE groups have equitable access to classrooms and resources required to offer their programs. Students not attending SRE are provided with meaningful alternative activities supervised by EPS Staff.


SRE: Special Religious Education is provided by registered and approved representatives of local churches. At this time, our representatives are from the following approved providers: Australian Christian Churches (https://www.nswacc.org.au/) and Baptist Union of NSW (https://nswactbaptists.org.au/).  For more information about our SRE providers, including the authorised curriculum scope and sequence, please visit the approved provider websites.